Bill has led Downtown Durham in truly remarkable growth over the last 20 years.  Over $1.3 billion in projects have happened under his watch in the addition of hundreds of new businesses and the recognition of downtown Durham as a hub for entrepreneurs.

But Bill’s experience doesn’t begin and end in Durham.  He has led Inter-City visits of political, business & community leaders from Durham to other cities including Roanoke, Greenville (SC), Richmond and Baltimore.  More importantly, the work that has been accomplished in Durham has led Bill’s hosting of numerous other cities here including Greenville (NC), High Point, Richmond, Wilmington (for minor league ballpark), Greensboro (for performing arts center), Rock Hill and many more.

Check out a list of projects below that have happened in Durham over the past 20 years in addition to some before and after photos in the second slideshow.

Downtown Revitalization Slideshow

Before and After Photo Slideshow