Inter-City Visits

Bill can customize inter-city visits for your business, community and elected leaders that resonate with real-time planning efforts. ┬áHe can also transfer actionable lessons from Durham’s enviable track record of “yes” votes for change in a way that will keep your downtown plan from gathering dust on a shelf.

Learn how Bill:

  • Chose cities that were further along the downtown revitalization continuum than Durham and had successfully completed key elements of program and projects that were similar to Durham’s Downtown Master Plan
  • Scheduled inter-city visits to allow for camaraderie among the Durham political, business, and community leaders
  • Planned visits that were education, convenient and fun for Durham’s community leaders
  • Educated Durham’s community leaders about the practical aspects of the execution of a downtown master plan
  • Resulted in ongoing political support for Downtown Durham’s revitalization

Learn how Bill can help your community:

  • Become excited about your efforts to revitalize your downtown
  • Become energized when your leaders return home to take the necessary actions to keep momentum moving forward
  • Energize efforts to create a downtown master plan process
  • Learn lessons about how to make sure your downtown master plan does not “sit on a shelf and collect dust
  • Learn lessons about how Downtown Durham achieved the vision and goals of its Downtown Master Plan